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  Dr. Austin J. Rehm, DC, CCAP
Baylee Plaza/Summerfield:
16910 S. U.S. Hwy. 441 #206
Summerfield, FL, 34491

Some personal stories from our patients...

I am a 67 year old female with severe scoliosis and have suffered with back pain for many years. I frequently went to chiropractors when I lived in New York. This gave me some relief but I would occasionally have episodes where I would wind up in bed for a few days with intense pain.

When we moved to Florida, I tried several chiropractors before I found Dr. Hines. His treatments gave me relief from my back and neck pain. Although I am not totally pain free, I don’t often have the need to stay in bed, and the episodes are every short lived. Thanks to Dr. Hines, my pain level is manageable most of the time, and rarely interferes with my daily activities: Tai-Chi, water aerobics, square dancing and other exercise classes.

I have gone to many chiropractors in my lifetime, but I have not found a doctor who is more professional and caring than Dr. Hines. He has taken a great deal of time and interest to help me be the best that my body will allow me to be.

He is also an expert in the field of nutrition. The combination of spinal adjustments, vitamins and supplements has improved my immune system to the point where I am now sleeping better and rarely if ever get sick.

Dr. Hines is my friend and buddy. My pain is not his only focus. He is always positive and gives me hope. He treats the entire person. He often goes to seminars to stay current with new techniques, exercises and supplements. Since I believe in his ability as a doctor, respect his knowledge and his gentle manner, I have recommended Dr. Hines too many of my friends. He is a rare gem and I am grateful he is my chiropractor.

~Fran Gargiula


I am a 74 year old lady with neuropathy of the hands and feet hardly any feeling in them. I also have fibro myalgia, I have Charcot feet. (fallen Arches) I arrived at the centre with very much lower back pain. I had for some months prior to my visit I had aquatic therapy, Massage therapy, but all it did was relieve me a bit for a while. But still on pain meds. Such as tramadol, Aleve, Ibuprofen, Darvocet, Tylenol, ect. I had just one adjustment by Dr. T Stephen Hines DC and immediately I was relieved of all lower back pain and I Have remained pain free ever since. I would recommend Him to anyone who is suffering. I no longer have to rely on heavy doses of pain medication and living in misery. My health has been great since receiving chiropractic care! I no longer take pain medications for lower back pain and now have comfort. I have improved because I can be a happier and more cheerful person, moving about more freely with no pain.

~Mary Twiss


Dear Stephen,

I want you to know how much I appreciate what you’ve done for me. I’m especially thankful for your determination of something more serious was going on with my left leg besides shingles. You certainly exhibit a high level of professionalism in your practice as well as an intuity and exuberance not matched my by anyone else. It was (and is) refreshing to walk into your office knowing that I –and I respect all your patients & would get your full attention. I credit you with preventing permanent nerve damage in my left leg. By the way, I continue each day religiously the exercises you “ordered” me to do as well as some strength exercises for my left leg. The left thigh is equal in circumference to the right at 18” The left calf is ¼” smaller than the right, but it’s improving. You can take it to the bank. You’re the only chiropractor I recommend. Thanks and sincerely yours,

~John Moxley


I had brain surgery which affected my balance-I always had tense muscles in my neck and shoulders. I have never believed in taking medications & have always relied on chiropractic alignments to help me with my balance and overall well being. Chiropractic care keeps me healthy and able to walk without pain and in balance. I have more confidence that I will not lose my balance when I walk. I no longer suffer from back or neck pain. In my daily life chiropractic care on a regular basis keeps me enjoying a healthy life. The few times that I missed my regular care I could feel the difference for the worst.

~Jane Dulieu


My life was a constant challenge because of the problems with my back muscles and bones. I never had any relief but with the professional skill of Dr. Hines was able to change my life the better and I am now 75-80% relieved. Before my therapy with Dr. Hines, I had many back surgeries. I was on very heavy pain pills and muscles relaxers, it did not really give lasting help. My best results were the many chiropractic skills of Cr. Hines, it helped and last. I have been with Dr. Hines for over 15 years and I have seen and experienced a total change in my life style. I can now move and play and work more freely than at any other time in my life. Since my continued relationship with Dr. Hines, my life has been enriched beyond my greatest expectations. It is true that there is real long lasting relief when you use chiropractic therapy. I feel it is the best. Our body’s are designed to bend and flex in many different ways and at times certain bones and muscles can become shifted out of line. By using chiropractic therapy and the professional skills of Dr. Hines and his staff, everyone can be realigned and comfortably manually put back in great shape.

~Nelson J. Hulvey


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